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The True One-Stop-Shop

The investment philosophy of SIAM relies on two very simple principles: The responsible handling of assets and the continuous preservation of wealth.

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Asset Management

Discretionary portfolio management mandates tailor-made specifically to each individual client's needs, objectives and long-term investment goals. No two clients are the same. That is why each mandate is uniquely developed with every client. 

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Investment Advisory 

Investment advisory services and research. Our experienced team has the resources and expertise to assist with any inquiries from portfolio construction, optimization, as well as specific asset class and security advisory and in-depth research. 

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Wealth Management

Ranging from bank services, real estate investments, fiduciary services and immigration / relocation services. 

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Real Estate

Exclusive access to the DACH property markets. As investment managers, we work with our clients to define strategic investment criteria and match these with suitable, high-quality commercial Real Estate investments in the relevant markets. We source properties both in direct approach (Off market) and through our reliable network.

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Fiduciary Services

We work together with our Hong Kong based but internationally experienced Fiduciary partners in all areas of succession planning and more, as to assist our clients in the investment and wealth preservation management and execution.


Relocation & Immigration

Through our extended and trusted international network, we are able to provide our clients with particular and reliable international immigration services. These services include all-in-one relocation and wealth management support provided in connection with our external experienced agency partners. With regards to a new citizenship, we provide our clients with accompanied consulting, administration, fiduciary, legal and investment services adjusted to their new geographic environment.


Our Clients & Partners

SIAM proudly serves an expansive list of clients on multiple continents, and this geographic diversity is a core strength for us. We provide high-touch, comprehensive financial planning that yields long-term wealth management success, while optimizing near-term events and transitions to reduce tax frictions and hassles for you, your family, and your business.

Tailor Made Solutions. 

Rising from our grounding principles - the responsible handling of assets and the preservation of wealth, SIAM aims to minimize risk and create a surplus at the same time. SIAM’s investment team is constantly observing global financial market movements and is able to react to any particular market changes with immediate effect. As an experienced boutique asset manager, we are able to re-balance the portfolios of our clients at all times, independently and very efficiently.

Discretionary Investment Mandates

Bespoke and tailored investment solutions specifically designed for each individual client's needs, investment objectives and long-term goals.

Investment nsights & Updates

Investment Advisory & Research

the client chooses his/her basic investment strategy and asset allocation according to the individual's investment preferences. The experienced Portfolio Management team provides advisory services and recommendation lists according to the internal Investment Committee decisions as they concern different asset classes such as Fixed Income, Equity and Alternative Investments products. At the same time, the client gains access to unique investment opportunities in Asia, Switzerland and Europe including tailor-made structured products, thematic funds and hedge funds.


In addition, the client may also subscribe on request to receive particular research reports on financial products and economic market data covering Hong Kong and other Asian markets.

Investment Fund Solutions

Private-Label fund

Private Label Fund solutions have been utilized by institutional investors and asset managers for some time, offering the same protection, as retail funds, but designed around the private client’s requirements. Such solutions are now increasingly being used by wealthy private clients and families.

Providing specialist Private Label Fund solutions we, at SIAM, are engaged to assist in determining the structure and other details of the fund, in view of the funds specific investment ideas and goals. Every decision is taken with the greatest care and attention, to achieve the long-term objectives of the fund. 

White-Label Fund

With experience in structuring, launching and administering a wide range of investment funds for wealthy individuals, families, regulated intermediaries and institutional investors. Allowing you to concentrate on what you're doing best. You bring your reputation and expertise in research and investment decision-making, while our team and experienced partners will help you by assuming the workload on running the structure.

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