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Family Offices

Families are the foundation from which we grow, and, like each person, they are all individual. The life lessons passed between generations form our values and beliefs, and help define our path. 

You do not choose your family and its heritage, but you can shape its future with your actions. This may require the courage to innovate, or could mean drawing on the experience of your ancestors. The enduring bonds between family members offer strength that supports and guides every generation to seek its potential.

Comprehensive Services

All-in-one wealth management services, taking into account all the logistical challenges from consolidated reporting, bill paying, administrative support and immigration planning and execution for succession planning and more.

Emigration to Hong Kong

Residence visa application services, maintenance and administration.

Family Office set-up

Single-Family office set up, such as to benefit from profit tax concessions.

Investment Solutions

Expert global markets advisory and investment solutions. Public and private markets.


Hong Kong Family Office Solutions

Structuring and setup of eligible single family offices and Family-owned Investment Holding Vehicles 

Cut through complexity with a consolidated view of your current and future family needs​​.

We assist our clients in planning their family business and wealth, and provides inheritance solutions. At the same time, our professional team will provide professional advisory services on wills, trusts, tax issues and the establishment of charity funds.


  • Understand the wishes and of the leaders of the family, as well as the interests and concerns of each family member

  • Develop inheritance strategies to protect corporate value, balance the interests and concerns of all family members, and assist family descendants to maintain good relationships

  • Prepare resources for the inheritance, improve the existing management system and operations, and nominate suitable talents

  • During the inheritance process, provide more competitive solutions and professional advice on tax issues

  • Provide professional advice on wealth allocation and trust management

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Family Offices Insights & Updates 

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