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Watching Stock Market
Watching Stock Market

The Gateway For  Entrepreneurs 

We offer professional Asset managers to join our sophisticated platform. A great opportunity for like minded professionals to expand and diversify. 

A unique platform for Wealth Management entrepreneurs

Want to truly offer bespoke services and solutions to your clients, while enjoying unparalleled flexibility, discretion and an experienced back office support? At SIAM, investment advisors and professionals are able to patch, onboard and service own clients with complete flexibility on the back of an established platform, state-of-the art IT infrastructure and seasoned team of experts.


Leading Jurisdiction

Hong Kong is well known for their reputation of 

high standards in regulations and supervision embedded in robust legal and judicial environment  

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Leading Infrastructure

State-of-the-art banking infrastructure and global access, for unrestricted and convenient access.

Urban Clouds

Licensed & Regulated

Join a licensed and regulated firm, with a proven 10+ years track record and impeccable reputation.


Inclusive Culture

Join an experienced global team with a multitude of backgrounds and capabilities to assist best serving your clients.

Financial Graphs

Proven Track Record

Accuracy, quality of service, transparency, assiduity and conscientiousness are the values our asset management team of SIAM lives up to everyday;



One-size fits all doesn't work. Different situations, require different solutions,. We are here to assist and work with you.

What it Means to You

The Gateway to Independence

We offer a financial wealth management gateway between Asia’s fast growing financial centre Hong Kong and Switzerland;

We bridge the two cultures to offer you and your clients an outstanding and unique international financial wealth approach.

Proven Track-Record & Excellence

SIAM is licensed and regulated by the SFC Hong Kong, for Type 4 and Type 9 regulated activities;

Accuracy, quality of service, transparency, assiduity and conscientiousness are the values our asset management team of SIAM lives up to everyday;

Attractive and transparent profit and cost sharing.


Highly experienced wealth management team to handle daily operations;

Professional and highly experienced Investment Committee and tailored portfolio management solutions;

Cutting-edge and secured IT infrastructure.

A Global Reach

Access to a wide range of Asian and European custodian banks;

Access to Property and Real Estate investment opportunities in Asia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Middle East​.

Worldwide financial network and booking platforms (HK, CH, FL and Middle East);

Global Accessible IT Infrastructure.

Value-Added Services

Experienced and trusted network of external fiduciary, tax, legal and financial advisors;

Recommendation lists for all asset classes including regular written short economic and financial markets updates exclusively for clients.

What it Means to Your Clients

Competitive Pricing

Clients of SIAM profit from an exclusive clear pricing scheme, which includes waived subscription and redemption fees for certain instances on our partner investment funds.

Unrestricted Access 

As a boutique asset manager, we are capable of offering an exclusive unrestricted universe of investment products to benefit our clients first and foremost. We have no boundaries paralleled to IAMs. 

Tailor-Made Investment Solutions

You have the possibility to offer your clients institutional quality discretionary mandates, managed by our experienced Portfolio Management Team.

Advisory Services

ailored portfolio solutions for the more involved clients can be established as our Investment Committee team can provide you sophisticated portfolio presentations and ongoing portfolio support and management.

Discover Our Services

Let's start a conversation today.

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