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We demonstrate excellence in all that we do. Our flexibility allows us to ensure customer satisfaction and we are confident that our strength and ability will guarantee the quality of our financial services and tailor made solutions.

Portfolio Management


As a boutique asset manager, we are able to provide and support our clients with the optimal investment strategies on a neutral basis. Our team consists of financial professionals such as specialists with vast experience in the field of private banking and portfolio management. Additionally, we cultivate strong relationships with experienced external partners and specialists worldwide. It is our utmost concern to find the best solution for each of our clients. 

We are looking for ambitious and sophisticated professional investors to establish a relationship based on a strong bond of trust, which is primarily important in order to serve every client with its individual optimized investment strategy. We spend quality time to maintain the relationship and take every inquiry very seriously with the highest responsibility to ensure our clients' satisfaction as our priority over time. 


To offer our clients a reasonable and honest cost income ratio, portfolios accepted by SIAM start at 8'000'000 HKD. SIAM only provides asset management services to "Professional Investors".


To provide each of our professional investor clients with the most convenient banking model, our range of international custodian banks goes from exclusive and specialized private banks up to universal banks to approach the right wealth management support. Having the long-lasting and trustworthy relationships we cultivated with our partner banks, we are able to offer our clients both national and international financial services. Additionally, our asset management team has the possibility to serve you with additional exclusive and interesting solutions.  

Bank Services


In co-operation with our experienced Swiss property partner, we are able to support and advise clients with particular demand for high grade commercial real estates in Switzerland, Germany and other parts of the European Union. Additionally, SIAM has access to unique and exclusive residential properties in Switzerland.


Our real estate partner covers development, architectural support for tailor-made construction, and a valuable portfolio network in regarding to commercial property investments.


To structure and optimize the transaction for foreign investors’ due diligence, legal, tax and property management services can be provided on request.


Banking and financial support will be provided to potential investors. Translation and interpreter services included.

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More extended services


An all-round support service for our clients is highly important to us, therefore we work together with our Hong Kong based but internationally experienced Fiduciary partner in all areas of succession planning. By considering the legal framework, we intend to provide our clients with the best ways to preserve their wealth for the next generation. Simply following our principles of responsible of handling assets and continuous preservation of our clients' wealth. The advanced services include the following:

  • Hong Kong and international companies, trust and foundation services

  • Review of tax assessments and negotiations with Hong Kong tax authorities

  • Preparation of tax returns for natural and legal entities

  • Accounting and auditing

  • General fiduciary and legal services


Through our extended and trusted international network, we are able to provide our clients with particular and reliable international immigration services. These services include all-in-one relocation and wealth management support provided in connection with our external experienced agency partners. With regards to a new citizenship, we provide our clients with accompanied consulting, administration, fiduciary, legal and investment services adjusted to their new geographic environment.

As an additional service to particular Mainland Chinese and International Investors, SIAM has established in connection with Hong Kong domestic private banks a state of the art portfolio management and administration solutions for Investors using the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES).

Our specialised immigration partners are covering the following regions:


Insurance plays a major role in international estate planning and wealth protection such as structuring. Through our global insurance partner, we are able to provide tailor-made international insurance solutions to our clients, including universal life policies and private placement life insurance, which can be presented on client request by our regulated insurance partner to our esteemed clients.


Tel. +852 2527 7388

Fax. +852 2527 7380




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