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Our extended global network of solutions and well trusted partners for an end-to-end solution. 


Commercial Property Investments

SIAM offers a unique and exclusive access to the property market focusing on Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Australia, enabling professional investors to access unique property deals in line with their investment objectives and long-term goals.

As investment managers, we work with our customers to define strategic investment criteria and match these with suitable, high-quality commercial Real Estate investments in the relevant markets. We source properties both in direct approach (Off market) and through our reliable network.

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Real Estate & Property


Novum Asset Management AG

Novum Asset Management AG offers tailor made investment and wealth management services. Each portfolio strategy is individually constructed and optimised in accordance with your particular financial situation.

5 elements Asset Management AG

5 elements Asset Management AG is a boutique asset manager, based on five elementary principles of Reliability, Flexibility, Continuity, Exclusive Services and Protection of Privacy, which specialises in meeting the needs of predominantly international clients.

Asset Management Partners



Bonafide is an international recognised research and consulting company that creates connections between fish and seafood businesses and investors who realise the tremendous potential of the industry.


EFW Efficiency provides an investment framework that helps navigate the potential impact of scarcity in natural resources especially Energy, Food and Water - on equity portfolio. It offers an innovative narrative to capture companies with the most long-term competitive edge in the context of natural resources scarcity and climate change.

Sustainability Partners
Local Memberships



Associate of Independent Asset Managers of Hong Kong (AIAM) is a non-profit organisation uniting a team of practitioners working as Independent Asset Managers in Hong Kong. 

SIAM has been in partnership and member of AIAM since 2015.


Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI Institute) was established in 1997, who has been working closely with government, local regulatory bodies, industry practitioners and our members to set, raise and promote professional standards for the financial services industry.  

SIAM management have been Associate Members of HKSI since 2013.

SwissCham China

The Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce is a networking and information platform for Swiss companies in China and Chinese companies interested in Switzerland.

SIAM has been in partnership with Swisscham China since 2014.

Independent Accountant & Auditor


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