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We demonstrate excellence in all that we do. Our flexibility allows us to ensure customer satisfaction and we are confident that our strength and ability will guarantee the quality of our financial services and tailor made solutions.

Investment Philosophy


The investment philosophy of SIAM relies on two very simple principles: The responsible handling of assets and the continuous preservation of wealth.


The exceptional experience of our employees, access to the latest information and sophisticated financial tools constitute the basis not only for levelling-up to our clients’ expectations but also exceed them. Thereby your request and needs as well as the high standards we set for ourselves always come first. 


The investment strategies vary mainly in their risk profiles and weightings of the different asset classes. The asset allocation and tactical re-balancing are constantly monitored by the company's experienced investment committee. Impulsive reactions and insecure choices of single stocks are constantly avoided which increases not only the transparency but also the success and cost-effectiveness of our clients' portfolios.


Our clients' confidence is major importance to us. Therefore, we inform our clients on a regular basis about their portfolio development and current assets.



Rising from our grounding principles - the responsible handling of assets and the preservation of wealth, SIAM aims to minimize risk and create a surplus at the same time. SIAM’s investment team is constantly observing global financial market movements and is able to react to any particular market changes with immediate effect. As an experienced boutique asset manager, we are able to re-balance the portfolios of our clients at all times, independently and very efficiently.


SIAM’s investment decisions are based on a sound research methodology. SIAM is following a classical top down approach; whereas for individual securities a bottom up due diligence is conducted; constantly aiming to find substantial discount to intrinsic value for each asset class individually. SIAM is selecting only transparent and exquisite investment opportunities and is not bound to any financial products from third parties. The investment committee aggregates the research findings for all asset classes and defines the tactical asset allocation.


The portfolio management team is considering technical aspects in financial markets as a last step before implementation of a investment into one of the strategies.

Investment Process


The „Discretionary“ mandate constitutes the trusted relationship between our clients and the asset management team of SIAM. By signing the „Investment Management Agreement“ clients give SIAM the right, but also the obligation to implement their specific portfolio strategy.


This bespoken and tailored solution is affected by capital needs, future cash flows and required investment horizon of our clients. SIAM supports and informs the clients regularly about the portfolio development and financial risks involved.


In this special regard, the team of SIAM particularly pays close attention to elaborate and analyse our clients’ individual financial situation, to choose the right investment strategy relying on principles of longevity and safety. 


SIAM offers 5 investment strategies to our clients, which mainly differ in their diversification of the respective asset allocation in each of the mandated portfolios. Through out the diversification and the percentage of equity included, it is possible to determine a substantial part of the investment risk and give our clients an idea of their investment horizon. The clients may add alternative products (commodities, private equity, real estate, hedge funds and structured products) to their chosen portfolio strategy.


All of these strategies can be implemented in HKD, USD, CHF and EUR. With this internationally diversified strategy, we have built a reputable performance track record over the past number of years. Looking at our current positioning, we are convinced that we can carry this performance forward into the future.

Discretionary Investment Mandate



With signing the SIAM Investment Advisory contract, the Professional Investor is keeping the full control over his/her portfolio. He/She profits at the same time from our tailor-made advisory services based on sound global market research focusing on Switzerland, Europe and Hong Kong.


By holding a Non-Discretionary Investment Advisory Mandate, the client chooses his/her basic investment strategy and asset allocation according to the individual's investment preferences. The experienced Portfolio Management team provides advisory services and recommendation lists according to the internal Investment Committee decisions as they concern different asset classes such as Fixed Income, Equity and Alternative Investments products. At the same time, the client gains access to unique investment opportunities in Asia, Switzerland and Europe including tailor-made structured products, thematic funds and hedge funds.


In addition, the client may also subscribe on request to receive particular research reports on financial products and economic market data covering Hong Kong and other Asian markets.

Advisory Mandate
Investment Fund Solutions


Private Label Fund solutions have been utilized by institutional investors and asset managers for some time offering the same protection as retail funds, but designed around the private client’s requirements.


SIAM is one of the leading providers of White Labelling Fund solutions for traditional and alternative fund structures. With many years experience, we are familiar with our clients' specific needs for which have developed innovative and tailor-made solutions. 



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