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We demonstrate excellence in all that we do. Our flexibility allows us to ensure customer satisfaction and we are confident that our strength and ability will guarantee the quality of our financial services and tailor made solutions.

Our Company

Swiss International Asset Management Ltd. (herein after called SIAM), established in 2013, is an experienced and innovative boutique asset management company with an accumulated financial business background of over 120 years. It is our responsibility to serve our clients with individually optimized wealth management solutions, being tailored to their particular financial needs. As the name implies SIAM’s ambition is to align and represent traditional Swiss financial etiquette, values and service quality embedded in the highly regulated asset management environment of Hong Kong SAR. 


SIAM offers a financial wealth management gateway between Asia’s fast growing financial centre Hong Kong and Switzerland, bridging the two cultures to offer our clients an outstanding and unique international financial wealth approach. Accuracy, quality of service, transparency, assiduity and conscientiousness are just a few of the high expectations the asset management team of SIAM lives up to everyday. 


We strive to share with clients our exceptional knowledge of Swiss and international wealth management services on a trusted and well-established Asian financial platform. Tradition is our strength.


Swiss International Asset Management Limited is licensed under the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO), Cap. 571 by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC ) for the companies regulated activities under Type 9 – Asset Management and Type 4 - Advising on Securities in Hong Kong for professional investors. The central entity number of the company is BBX176. More information about the Regulator and the Financial Market Environment in Hong Kong SAR is available at

The Company

Our Management Team

Cyrill Arzner

Founder / CEO / Responsible Officer


Raffaele Delorenzi, FRM

Executive Director / Responsible Officer


Peter M. krismer

Partner / Senior Relationship Manager

Our Team

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


We work hard and aim to be one of the leading wealth management platforms in Hong Kong, providing innovative and sustainable wealth management solutions for our clients. We strive to maintain independency while developing equitable and tailored financial solutions aimed at adding value to our clients' complex requirements. 


SIAM’s mission relays on our long existing and traditional Swiss wealth management heritage bridging eastern and western tailor-made financial services. Being one of the most advanced asset management platforms in Hong Kong, we are devoted to our local and overseas clients by providing them with state of the art wealth management services with sophisticated and unique infrastructure. 


Our values guide us in our constant efforts and describe how we act in the best interests of our clients' on a daily basis. We stand with our name for our core values of the following:


Tel. +852 2527 7388

Fax. +852 2527 7380




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